Animated Trailer announces final volume of PLUME

from the official Devil’s Due press release . . . . .Fantasy Epic Ends with 4-Volume Omnibus Collection
Dec 4, 2017 

CHICAGO: In celebration of the end of K. Lynn Smith’s hit Western fantasy comicbook series Plume, she and Devil’s Due have released an animated trailer featuring all new original art by Smith.

View the trailer here:

Plume debuted as a webcomic by Smith in 2011, and was first published in print for national release by Devil's Due in December 2012. 

The trailer, which perfectly captures the essence of what fans across the world love about this epic saga, is to commemorate the closing chapter of Plume, which will see release in its fourth volume hardcover and trade paperback collections, as well as a prestige format, massive omnibus collection nearly 500 pages long.

“This omnibus is bittersweet for me. I am so excited to finally have the completed story in my hands, but sad to see it end. It’s been an incredibl…

BLOODSHOT SALVATION #7 goes dark in March

EDITOR’S NOTE: This will certainly be different. Not sure I’m ready for an artless comic.from the official Valiant Entertainment press release . . . . . 
Jeff Lemire Plunges BLOODSHOT SALVATION #7 into Total Darkness with 2018’s Most Stunning Single Issue in March!

     Valiant is proud to announce that New York Times best-selling writer and Eisner Award-winning visionary Jeff Lemire (Black Hammer, Animal Man) will take the helm to write and illustrate BLOODSHOT SALVATION #7 – the year’s most terrifying, most memorable special issue…told entirely in PITCH-BLACK DARKNESS!On March 7th, as Bloodshot journeys farther into the uncanny dimension known as the Deadside for “THE BOOK OF THE DEAD,” everything goes black as one of the most inventive minds in comics today tests the boundaries of the medium with a gripping standalone tale of perseverance and pain at the edge of human understanding…Deployed into the demonic realm called Deadside in search of a cure for his ailing infant daughter, Blo…


FAITH’S WINTER WONDERLAND SPECIAL #1 (Valiant Entertainment, December 6 release date) Written by Marguerite Sauvage. Art: Francis Portela and MJ Kim.  Colors: Andrew Dalhouse.  Letters: Dave Sharpe.       I have a soft spot for good stand-alone comics. There is nothing better than a great story told in one issue. Ordinarily, that would be more than enough reason to recommend this book.  However, the message lying underneath this story (for those who care to recognize it) is a sorely needed salve for the soul.  We all can benefit from a dose of Faith right now.      I can’t help sympathizing with all good-natured parents trying their best to raise their children and develop them into adults of integrity. How do you screen your innocent child from exposure to our 24/7 constant media barrage of news?  How do you answer their questions after they learn about the constant stories of dishonor, disrespect, abuse, inappropriate feelings of entitlement — among both our celebrities and mean-spi…

New Snake-Eyes debut in G.I. JOE sells out

from the official IDW Publishing press release . . . . .
Issues 244, 245, and 246 All Sell Out with a Second Printing On The Way
San Diego, CA (December 5, 2017) – Who is DAWN MORENO? She’s the new SNAKE-EYES and break-out character of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero! Scripted by legendary G.I. JOE writer Larry Hama, with art by incoming artist Netho Diaz (Aquaman), issue #246 marks the beginning of the “Dawn of the Arashikage” storyline, which sees Dawn, a Mexican-American teenager, take on the mantle of Snake-Eyes, one of the most iconic members of the G.I. Joe team. This pivotal issue in Hama’s long-running G.I. Joe saga has now sold out at the distributor level, as have the preceding issues #244 (featuring Dawn’s first appearance in costume) and #245 (Dawn’s first cover appearance in costume as Snake-Eyes). 

Dawn Moreno, who debuted in G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #226, was once a gifted high school athlete whose unique physical abilities drew the attention of Cobra Commander. The C…

Sneak Peek: New BLOODSHOT SALVATION story arc coming February 14

From the official Valiant Entertainment press release . . . . . 

      Valiant is proud to present your first look inside BLOODSHOT SALVATION #6 – the FIRST ISSUE of "THE BOOK THE DEAD," an ALL-NEW ARC and TERRIFYING NEW JUMPING-ON POINT from New York Times best-selling writer Jeff Lemire (The Terrifics, Black Hammer) and explosive artist Renato Guedes (Wolverine).     On February 14th, Jeff Lemire's Eisner Award-nominated superhero saga ratchets up the tension with a brand-new entry point launching Bloodshot, Shadowman, and Ninjak into a realm of unfathomable darkness to strike the ultimate bargain of life and death.Into the Deadside!     Years ago, Project Rising Spirit’s cutting-edge nanite technology transformed Ray Garrison into the walking weapon codenamed Bloodshot. Now, those very same microscopic machines have infected his infant daughter’s physiology and threaten to destroy her from the inside out. As the life of an innocent hangs the balance, Bloodshot will be …

Writer signing in area this weekend

are coming to sign their newest volume
of their very own series from Image Comics: ROCKET GIRL!NPR proclaimed the adventure series “effervescent” while Broken Frontier called it “the Saturday morning cartoon you wish was on TV.” Come in costume, strap on your jetpack, and tell your friends to come on down!

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Judging by Amy & Brandon at 2:30pm
Winner gets a rad prize box!

Tell DARTH what you want for Christmas

EDITOR’S NOTE: I think I’ll ask for Peace On Earth and Goodwill To All. Nobody else has been able to achieve it.  Why not Darth?
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from the official Valiant Entertainment press release . . . . .
First Look: QUANTUM AND WOODY! #2 – 2017's Must-Read New Series Continues with Slightly Less Collectible Second Issue in 2018!

Valiant is proud to present your first look inside QUANTUM AND WOODY! (2017) #2 – the second sensational issue of the ALL-NEW and UNPREDICTABLE ONGOING SERIES by rising star Daniel Kibblesmith (The Late Show With Stephen Colbert) and eye-popping artist Kano (Daredevil)! On January 31st, the must-read superhero-action-family-drama-buddy-comedy throwdown of 2018 cries all the tears as it tells the saddest truth of all: Quantum and Woody are the world’s worst superhero team…no more!It’s the ones you love that hurt you the most…and, in the case of super-powered adoptive brothers Eric and Woody Henderson – aka Quantum and Woody – this is definitely going to leave a mark! Quantum has kept the truth about Woody’s biological father a secret, and now that Woody has found out about his brother’s betrayal…

Caffeinated HELENA CRASH Gets Collection in December

from the official IDW Publishing press release . . . . .
A New Pulse Pounding, Caffeine Fueled, Machine-Guns Blazing,
Car Crashing Adventure Comic!

San Diego, CA (November 28, 2017) – In a future where coffee is illegal, Helena is a courier, delivering black market goods to anyone who can afford her services. From the white hot creative team of Samurai Jack: Quantum JackFabian Rangel Jr (‘Namwolf) and Warwick Johnson-Cadwell (Mr. Higgins Comes Home with Mike Mignola) present a brand new vision of the future. 

“I love coffee. I drink a lot of coffee, and I actually can’t write without it nowadays (as bad as that sounds),” says Rangel. “It is the fuel for the storytelling fire in my brain. When I read that article about coffee becoming scarce, my imagination automatically started wondering about a new prohibition era, and how wild it would be in a sci-fi world.”

Interpreting this vibrant, futuristic world is no small feat but Johnson-Cadwell was up to the task.

“The city, the characters, ev…

Review: Neal Adams returns to DEADMAN

DEADMAN #1 of 6  (DC Comics, November 01, 2017 release date)  Written, drawn and colored by Neal Adams  Lettered by Clem Robins.  Cover by Neal Adams.        I have so much respect for Neal Adams.  He’s one of the few legends of the comics renaissance that began in the 1960’s that is still alive and active.      His work is one of the reasons that I’m still an avid fan in my sixth decade of reading and collecting comics (OMG!). When I became a teenager I decided it wasn’t cool for me to continue reading comics. I was interested in dating and didn’t think girls would approve of comics. I was wrong, but I thought differently at the time (1960’s).  It was Neal’s work in UNCANNY X-MEN and GREEN LANTERN/GREEN ARROW in the late 1960’s that brought me back as a comics reader. I feel obligated to check out anything current with Neal Adams’ name on it.    Deadman is an infrequently used DC second-tier character with a long history.  He first appeared in DC’s STRANGE ADVENTURES (1967) created by…