Exploring Kickstarter projects: LAZARUS, THE FOREVER MAN

EDITOR’S NOTE:  I keep finding interesting projects on the KICKSTARTER website.  If it appeals to me, it might appear to blog readers as well - - so Ill feature it here.  Despite the title of this new comic, it is not a religious book. It’s a science-fiction story with biblical characters.  The art is what caught my eye.  Keep reading to learn more . . . . . . . 70-Page Lazarus, the Forever Man #1 Now on KickstarterMartian Lit is proud to launch the Kickstarter for our newest comic book, Lazarus, the Forever Man #1 at: massive, 70-page first issue follows our 24-page zero issue, which reprints the first two Lazarus stories from Martian Comics, setting the stage for the new series. The stories focus on the Biblical Lazarus, resurrected by a Martian Jesus!The issue is written by Julian Darius and penciled by Sergio Tarquini, with inks by Tarquini and Sara Nietto. It’s colored by R. L. Campos …

Sneak Peek: QUANTUM AND WOODY #3 in February 2018

Congratulations, QUANTUM AND WOODY! #3 is Having a Baby (Goat) in February! (God Help Us All)
Valiant “Celebrates” 50 Issues of the World’s Worst Superhero Team with a Staggering 100726448 32-Page Spectacular! Valiant is proud to present your first look at QUANTUM AND WOODY! (2017) #3 – a spectacular goatacular celebrating 50 landmark issues of the world’s worst superhero team from rising star Daniel Kibblesmith (The Late Show with Stephen Colbert) and special guest artist Francis Portela (FAITH)! Because you demanded it – the return of Quantum and Woody’s fearless sidekick/roommate/emergency medical contact starts here with a momentous moment that will forever reverberate through the ages: the birth of the Goat’s baby!
If you add them all up, this would be Quantum and Woody’s 50th issue! What better time to answer the eternal question: “Whatever happened to the Goat, anyway?” At last, the whole saga of Dr. Derek Henderson’s transformation from brilliant physicist and beloved father into…

DOCTOR WHO in horror is featured Dread Central article

EDITOR’S NOTE: Time to check in on our roving Mid-West correspondent to learn what Gary Scott Beatty has been up to lately . . . . . . . . . Delays, delays on illustrations for Zombie's End! Meanwhile, my latest Dread Central article looks at MORE Doctor Who in horror.

Yes, you guessed it, my eight year old MacBook Pro is preparing to die, right in the middle of showing you the fearsome cover to Zombie's End, gloriously colored and lettered! Meanwhile we'll have to settle for another look at the inks, below.

My first Dread Central article about Doctor Who actors in horror movies was so well receive, it called for a part two. Please leave a comment at the article here:

Hang in there, I'm planning some all nighters once my new equipment is up and running! Zombie's End is coming!

Gary Scott Beatty
Yes, cheap enough for an eight year old computer

Sneak Peek: BLOODSHOT SALVATION #4 in December

First Look: The Origin of Rampage Revealed in BLOODSHOT SALVATION #4 – On Sale December 13th!      Valiant is proud to present your first look inside BLOODSHOT SALVATION #4 – AN ESSENTIAL ORIGIN ISSUE revealing the roots behind the much-demanded return of Bloodshot’s most unrelenting nemesis… On December 13th, New York Times best-selling writer Jeff Lemire (BLOODSHOT REBORN, Black Hammer) and explosive artist Mico Suayan (BLOODSHOT REBORN) present, for once and all time, the brutal genesis of the man-turned-machine called Rampage in a brutal tour-de-force led by two of Valiant’s most masterful storytellers!This is the story of two brothers, who were born into nothing and reaped an inheritance of anger… This is the story of Rampage – an imperfect reflection of Bloodshot’s potential, one enhanced by the very same nanite technology, but fueled by an inextinguishable furnace of hate… This is the story of the Valiant Universe’s most terrifying new villain and a preview of the pain he has ye…

New military-themed fiction anthology: PULP AT WAR

from the official Pro Se press release . . . . . Pro Se Productions, known for both cutting edge modern fiction and harkening back to classic genres, announces the release of its military themed anthology-PULP AT WAR!

War is Frightening and often ugly. But Heroes are forged on the Battlefield. Action and adventure are not simply stories, but the very words men and women fighting for their beliefs, their countries, or just to stay alive live by every single day. Bullets flying and bombs blasting, PULP AT WAR takes one of the most popular genres of action tales, the war story, and through the pens of J. Walt Layne, Rob Mancebo, and Teel James Glenn, brings it to two fisted, kill or be killed life.

PULP AT WAR. From Pro Se Productions.

Featuring a stunning cover by Larry Nadolsky and logo design and print formatting by Antonino lo Iacono and Marzia Marina, PULP AT WAR is available now on Amazon at…

Kirby and Wood's SKYMASTERS Sunday strips collected

from the official press release . . . . .The team at Amigo Comics are honored to present a preview to one incredible and legendary book. Jack Kirby! Wallace Wood! Yes, here at Amigo Comics, edited by Ferran Delgado… SKYMASTERS! Just a week left to pre-order as the cutoff-date is dawning upon us, so this deserves to be mentioned again, pre-ordered preferably via your friendly neighborhood comic book dealer! Look for us in Diamond Previews!Jack Kirby, one of the greatest comic artists, was born 100 years ago this year and Geek Culture has reflected extensively on his comics career. A relentless entrepreneur with an indefatigable work ethic, Kirby was always trying new things. As you’d expect, he tried the newspaper comic route too. Kirby’s Sky Masters was his foray into the world of comic strips. It became a gorgeous looking strip with a crazy backstory. And then add another legendary artist, Wallace Wood, to the tale. Amigo Comics is bringing it back to the world for us all to enjoy, in …

Valiant Entertainment names DANNY KHAZEM as Editor

 from the official Valiant Entertainment press release . . . . .

Valiant Entertainment is proud to announce that Associate Editor Danny Khazem has been promoted to the position of Editor. 

Since joining Valiant as Operations Coordinator in 2014, Khazem has steadily risen through the ranks as Assistant Editor and Associate Editor and contributed an array of acclaimed titles, including 4001 A.D. by writer Matt Kindt and artist Clayton Crain; DIVINITY II and DIVINITY III: STALINVERSE by writer Matt Kindt and artist Trevor Hairsine; WRATH OF THE ETERNAL WARRIOR by writer Robert Venditti and artists Raul Allen and Patricia Martin; and Eisner Award-nominated runs on both BLOODSHOT REBORN by writer Jeff Lemire and artists Mico Suayan, Butch Guice, and Lewis LaRosa; and FAITH by writer Jody Houser and artists Francis Portela, Pere Perez, Meghan Hetrick, and  Joe Eisma. 

Khazem’s first title in his new role as Editor will be QUANTUM AND WOODY!, debuting on December 20th from writer Daniel Kibbles…

Pro Se Press introduces weekly e-book series

From the official Pro Se press release . . . . .

Pro Se Productions Presents the First Episode of the Future of Digital Storytelling-THE PRO SE THRILLER OF THE WEEK.

Each week, a new 'episode' of one of four rotating series will be released as a digital ebook for your reading pleasure. From Espionage to Supernatural, From Crime To Suspense, each week readers can find what they need in the PRO SE THRILLER OF THE WEEK.

“PRO SE THRILLER OF THE WEEK,” says Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief of Pro Se Productions, “is a marriage of prose storytelling with a model that has worked for decades, first in radio, then in tv and even in comic books.  Regularly scheduled ‘episodes’ of stories released once a week, spotlighting four different series.  Ebooks allow for publishers to do so many unique things, and Pro Se intends to take full advantage of that, setting up our own network of sorts with scheduled ‘programming’ that will appeal to fans of all types and create an excitement for all the st…

First graphic novel of Lawrence Block work announced

from the official IDW Publishing press release . . . . .
‘Eight Million Ways to Die’ Arrives This June From IDW Publishing
San Diego, CA (November 6, 2017) – In crime-ravaged 1980's New York City, troubled ex-cop-turned-unlicensed-detective Matthew Scudder takes on his most dangerous case, hunting down a serial killer-hitman and ultimately coming to face-to-face with his deadliest enemy—himself—in this graphic-novel adaptation of best-selling crime novelist Lawrence Block’sEight Million Ways To Die.Adapted in highly detailed noir fashion by Eisner-nominated artist John K. Snyder III, with letters by Frank Cvetkovic, this marks the first graphic-novel adaptation of Block’s work and his character Matthew Scudder, who has appeared in seventeen novels since his debut over four decades ago and has remained popular ever since, inspiring two feature film adaptations. “The work of Lawrence Block, with its crime noir settings and lively, realistic dialogue and characters, poised a perfect su…

This week in comics: SINK #2, execrably entertaining

SINK #2  (ComixTribe, November 8 release date) “The Door At The End”  Story by John Lees.  Art & Colours by Alex Cormack.  Letters by Shawn Lee. Logo by Tim Daniel.         There is nothing I like more than a great horror comic.  While I avidly read comic books in all genres, horror comics have always been my favorite. Comics are a natural medium to tell a compelling horror tale. The ability to combine words with images, and utilize shading and color can really enhance the fear and excitement.    The opening panel of “The Door At The End” in SINK #2 reminded me of the classic scene in THE EXORCIST film (1973) where Father Merrin stands outside in the rain on a dark and stormy night, contemplating the residence of terror he’s about to enter.  In SINK #2, Sharon the “cleaner” in a similar dark and stormy night gets her first look at the location of her next job.  The art tells us everything we need to know.     It’s also the reader’s first …

Fred Van Lente returns to ARCHER & ARMSTRONG in February special

Fred Van Lente & CAFU Decode ARMSTRONG AND THE VAULT OF SPIRITS #1 – Coming in February!What secrets await inside the Vault of Spirits? Valiant’s strong-armed immortal adventurer is about to find out…all over again! Valiant is proud to announce ARMSTRONG AND THE VAULT OF SPIRITS #1 – a hard-charging, standalone special coming this winter from New York Times best-selling writer Fred Van Lente (ARCHER & ARMSTRONG, Incredible Hercules) and red-hot rising star CAFU (RAPTURE)! On February 7th, join in a riotous celebration for the ages as Armstrong, for the very first time, uncorks the ancient mysteries of his centuries past – and dares his closest comrades into the adventure of several lifetimes!Deep beneath New York City’s seediest dive bar, Armstrong – the hard-hitting, harder-partying immortal veteran of history’s greatest escapades – is hosting an invitation-only affair for his most beloved friends and allies! Archer… Ivar, Timewalker… Faith… Quantum and Woody… And special gue…

A Harvey Kurtzman classic gets digital treatment

Harvey Kurtzman’s Marley’s Ghost Now Available Exclusively from comiXology OriginalsSpecial introductory price of $2.99on comiXology and Kindle 
& free for comiXology Unlimited and Kindle Unlimited subscribers“To me (and many others) Harvey was like a Pied Piper.  He would whistle and we would follow him anywhere. Even the rewarding life at Mad that I’ve had these past sixty years would never have come about 
if it weren’t for its creator, Harvey.” —Al Jaffee, Mad Magazine“Almost all American satire today follows a formula that Harvey Kurtzman thought up.”
—Richard Corlis, Time MagazineNovember 8, 2017, New York, NY – ComiXology, Amazon’s premier digital comic shopping & reading service, debuts the next comiXology Originals release – Harvey Kurtzman’s Marley’s Ghost, the graphic novel adaptation of Charles Dickens’s beloved classic A Christmas Carol – at a special introductory price of $2.99 on comiXology and free for comiXology Unlimited and Kindle Unlimited subscribers.Just in …