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Baltimore Comic Con releases preliminary guest list



EDITOR’S NOTE:  Here is the list of confirmed guests so far for the Baltimore Comic Con on September 22-24, 2017. The list was provided to us by the Baltimore Comic Con publicity chairman . . . . . . . .


In addition to on-site CGC grading, this year's confirmed guests for the show include: 


Joel Adams (Bucky O'Hare Graphic Novel Coloring Book),

Neal Adams (Harley's Little Black Book)

 Zeea Adams (Neal Adams Monsters)


Jeremy Bastian (Cursed Pirate Girl)

 Marty Baumann (Toybox Time Machine: A Catalog of the Coolest Toys Never Made

Lee Bermejo (Batman: Noel)

 Reilly Brown (Slapstick),

Mark Buckingham (Everafter: From the Pages of Fables),

Dave Bullock (The Rocketeer at War),

Buzz (Superman: The Coming of the Supermen)


Jim Calafiore (Surviving Megalopolis)

Richard Case (King: Jungle Jim)

Elias Chatzoudis (Peepland)

Frank Cho (Skybourne)

Amy Chu (KISS)

Steve Conley (The Middle Age)

Gerry Conway (Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows, courtesy of Hero Initiative)

Amanda Conner (Harley Quinn)


Kristina Deak-Linsner (Dawn/Vampirella)

Todd Dezago (The Perhapanauts)

Joshua Dysart (Imperium, courtesy of Hero Initiative)

 David Finch (Batman)

Meredith Finch (Catwoman: Election Night)

Ramona Fradon (Convergence: Plastic Man and the Freedom Fighters)


John Gallagher (Underdog)

Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez (Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman) Michael Golden (Doctor Strange)


Scott Hanna (Wonder Woman)

Dean Haspiel (Dark Horse Presents)


Klaus Janson (Dark Knight III: The Master Race)

Brian Joines (Bill & Ted Go to Hell)

Arvell M. Jones (Marvel Premiere)

JG Jones (Batwoman)

Justin Jordan (Planet of the Apes/Green Lantern)


Kazu Kibuishi (Harry Potter covers)

 Matt Kindt (Ninjak)

Sharlene Kindt (Dept. H)

Tom King (Batman)

 Barry Kitson (Avengers)

Tony Kordos (Batman and Robin Eternal)

Alisa Kwitney (Convergence Batgirl)


 Greg LaRocque (Stargate Atlantis: Hearts and Minds)

Hope Larson (Batgirl)

Joe Linsner (Harley Quinn)


Andrew MacLean (Headlopper)

 Elliot S. Maggin (Superman, courtesy of Hero Initiative)

 David Marquez (Civil War II)

Alitha Martinez (Black Panther: World of Wakanda)

Ron Marz (Dread Gods)

Ed McGuinness (Spider-Man/Deadpool)

Mike McKone (Old Man Logan)

 Carla Speed McNeil (Finder)

 Steve McNiven (Secret Empire)

Mike Mignola (Hellboy)

Mark Morales (Deathstroke)


Melody Often (Amazing Forest)

Denny O'Neil (Green Lantern/Green Arrow, courtesy of Hero Initiative)


Greg Pak (The Totally Awesome Hulk),

Tom Palmer (The Avengers)

Jimmy Palmiotti (Harley Quinn)

Dan Parent (Your Pal Archie)

 Paul Pelletier (Cyborg)

David Petersen (Mouse Guard)

 Brandon Peterson (Revolution)

 Khoi Pham (Teen Titans, courtesy of Hero Initiative)

 Keith Pollard (Fantastic Four)


Tom Raney (Invincible Iron Man)

Afua Richardson (Black Panther)

 Rafer Roberts (Rai: The History of the Valiant Universe)

 Don Rosa (Donald Duck)

 Craig Rousseau (The Perhapanauts)

 Andy Runton (Owly)


Julie Fujii Sakai (Peanuts: A Tribute to Charles M. Schulz)

 Stan Sakai (Usagi Yojimbo)

Stuart Sayger (Krampus: Shadow of Saint Nicholas)

Bart Sears (Dread Gods)

 Louise Simonson (Faith)

Walter Simonson (Ragnarok)

Megan Sloane (Lark's Killer)

 Andy Smith (Earth 2)

Brian Stelfreeze (Black Panther)

Rob Stull (Executive Assistant: Orchid)

 Peter Tomasi (Superman)

John Totleben (Convergence: Swamp Thing)

 Billy Tucci (Shi)

James Tynion IV (Detective Comics)


Ethan Van Sciver (Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps)

Gus Vazquez (Big Hero 6), Mark Waid (Avengers)


Freddie E. Williams II (Batman/TMNT)

Bill Willingham (The Kamandi Challenge)

Ron Wilson (The Thing)

Renee Witterstaetter (Joe Jusko: Maelstrom)

Marv Wolfman (Raven, courtesy of Hero Initiative)

Rich Woodall (Kyrra: Alien Jungle Girl)


 David Yardin (Jean Grey)

 Kelly Yates (Torchwood)


 Thom Zahler (Time & Vine)

Sneak Peek: FAITH AND THE FUTURE FORCE coming in July

First Look: Valiant’s Eisner-Nominated Hero Soars into FAITH AND THE FUTURE FORCE #1 – A Spectacular Standalone Event Coming in July!
All-Star Creators Jody Houser, Stephen Segovia & Barry Kitson Lead the Summer’s Lightning-Paced Race against the Clock

      Valiant is proud to present your first look inside FAITH AND THE FUTURE FORCE #1 – the FIRST ISSUE of A SPECTACULAR STANDALONE EVENT launching the breakout hero of the 21st century, Faith, into a centuries-spanning battle alongside Rai, the Harbinger Renegades, Timewalker, X-O Manowar and an army of the greatest heroes of today and tomorrow! On July 26th, history hangs in the balance as Eisner Award-nominated writer Jody Houser (FAITH, Mother Panic), explosive artist Stephen Segovia (WAR MOTHER, Action Comics) and comics legend Barry Kitson (HARBINGER, Fantastic Four) lead an all-star expedition into the time stream that will shake the foundations of the Valiant Universe for all time!

Faith “Zephyr” Herbert – former member of Unity, current Harbinger Renegade, and Los Angeles’ #1 superhero – is the universe’s last, best chance at survival! Centuries from today, a devious artificial intelligence has unleashed a blistering attack on the very foundations of time…one that is unwriting history from beginning to end! Now, with her options exhausted, Neela Sethi, Timewalker – the self-appointed protector of what is and will be – has returned to the 21st century to recruit Earth’s greatest champions of today and tomorrow to oppose this existential threat…and she needs Faith to lead them! But why Faith? And why now?

On July 26th, Faith rockets out of the acclaimed pages of her monthly series and into the annals of history to lead the most astonishing team of heroes ever assembled! Fly to the farthest edges of the future in a death-defying race to save time itself with mesmerizing creators Jody HouserStephen Segovia and Barry Kitson as Faith leads the charge alongside Valiant’s greatest champions…and becomes a new legend for the ages, only in FAITH AND THE FUTURE FORCE #1 – featuring covers by Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic (DIVINITY), Kano (Daredevil), Marguerite Sauvage (FAITH), and Felipe Massafera (Shaper)!


FAITH AND THE FUTURE FORCE #1 (of 4) – Cover A by Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic

FAITH AND THE FUTURE FORCE #1 (of 4) – Cover B by Kano

FAITH AND THE FUTURE FORCE #1 (of 4) – Interior art by Stephen Segovia

FAITH AND THE FUTURE FORCE #1 (of 4) – Interior Art by Stephen Segovia

FAITH AND THE FUTURE FORCE #1 (of 4) – Interior Art by Stephen Segovia

FAITH AND THE FUTURE FORCE #1 (of 4) – Interior Art by Stephen Segovia

FAITH AND THE FUTURE FORCE #1 (of 4) – Interior Art by Stephen Segovia

FAITH AND THE FUTURE FORCE #2 (of 4) – Cover A by Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic

FAITH AND THE FUTURE FORCE #2 (of 4) – Cover B (Wraparound) by Monika Palosz


New stories of Disney's MINNIE AND DAISY coming from Papercutz

EDITOR’S NOTE:  One of the things I appreciate about the Disney Company is that when it

comes to their comics properties, they spread the love around.  It would be very easy for

Disney to give Marvel exclusive rights since they own that publisher - - but they allow

other companies like Papercutz and IDW to work and create within the Disney universe of

characters. Here’s news of an upcoming title, courtesy of Michelle Hart at Papercutz . . . .

For many bookish types, the characters that appear within the pages of their favorite stories can often feel like close friends. I know I’m not alone in imagining myself casting spells with Harry and Hermione, galavanting through Longbourne with Elizabeth Bennet, or discovering the secrets of the world with Geronimo and Thea Stilton. 

The desire to be friends with fictional characters is especially strong in stories aboutfriendship, which is certainly the case with our MINNIE AND DAISY series, which features the first ladies of Disney, Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck, palling around in contemporary settings. On July 11, we’ll be releasing “Fashion Passion,” the second volume of MINNIE AND DAISY, featuring six all-new stories of friendship and loyalty!


The stories in this volume demonstrate the usual challenges friends face—not only from outside influences but from within their own relationship! In one story, Minnie and Daisy face obstacles created by their classroom rivals—Abigail and her sidekick twin sisters, Millie and Molly. In another, Minnie and Daisy play “the fashion game,” which reveals the difference between the way the two friends dress; Minnie creates her own clothes while Daisy prefers to buy new clothes from the mall. Finally, Daisy scores two tickets to see their favorite band perform, but Daisy planned to go with someone other than Minnie. Will their friendship survive in tact?

Minnie and Daisy’s motto is to “be friends and be yourself.” Through thick and thin, their friendship guides them. Together, learn not only to accept each other’s differences, but to embrace them! MINNIE AND DAISY: “Fashion Passion” is a great book for young girls wanting to see an enduring female friendship!


Mobile App for Valiant Entertainment now available

Valiant Entertainment Unveils the Official Valiant Comics Mobile App – Available Now for iOS!
Explore Publisher's Award-Winning Library Today with Day-and-Date Digital Releases and a Comprehensive Library of Modern & Classic Content


Valiant is proud to announce the launch of the official Valiant Comics mobile app for iOS – an all-inclusive, one-stop destination for the complete Valiant library! Packed with more than a thousand digital comics, digital collections and binge-worthy digital bundles from the largest independent superhero universe in comics, explore the entirety of Valiant’s award-winning series and graphic novels, including ARCHER & ARMSTRONGBLOODSHOT REBORNDIVINITYFAITHHARBINGERNINJAKQUANTUM AND WOODYRAISHADOWMANUNITYX-O MANOWAR, and countless others with day-and-date new releases and weekly updates!

Plus: the official Valiant Comics mobile app ( is opening the vaults and offering unfettered access to hundreds of long out-of-print issues from the classic Valiant Universe, spanning more than 25 years of groundbreaking comic book history!

With special bonus content – including a Valiant news feed, video channel, and more – find everything that the most renowned publisher in comics today has to offer with a vast array of in-app features providing a comprehensive overview of the latest and greatest from the Valiant Universe’s most formidable heroes:
  • Complete Library of  Modern Valiant Titles and Collections
From blockbuster ongoing series like ARCHER & ARMSTRONG, BLOODSHOT REBORN, FAITH, HARBINGER, QUANTUM AND WOODY, and X-O MANOWAR to chart-topping events like 4001 A.D., ARMOR HUNTERS, BOOK OF DEATH, HARBINGER WARS, and THE VALIANT, catch up on the best that Valiant has to offer!
  • Comprehensive Library of All Classic Valiant Titles and Collections
Go back to where it all began and revisit the timeless classics and pulse-pounding introductions that made the original Valiant Universe a legend in its own time!
  • Day-And-Date Release of All New Valiant Titles
Never miss an issue of Valiant’s latest adventures with brand-new releases available for purchase every Wednesday!
  • Direct In-App Purchases
Buy Valiant comics directly on your mobile iOS device and experience your favorite superheroes no matter where you are!
  • Bingeable, Low-Cost Bundles
Jump into Valiant’s most fan-favorite titles and storylines with expertly curated bundle offerings intro-priced for the best deals around!
  • The Valiant Video Channel
View Valiant’s library of animated video trailers and more for free!
  • Constant Valiant News Updates
Stay up-to-date on the Valiant Universe with as-it-happens news, updates and announcements!

The Valiant Universe is yours to explore! Find out why Buzzfeed calls Valiant “a universe full of your new favorite superheroes” and discover a limitless library of award-winning adventures, timeless classics, and brand-new releases with the – available now for all iOS devices! 

The Valiant Comics mobile app is powered by Madefire, and comic purchases can be transferred between this app and the Madefire app.

For more information, visit Valiant on

About Valiant Entertainment:

Valiant Entertainment is a leading character-based entertainment company that owns the largest independent superhero universe in comics. With more than 80 million issues sold and a library of over 2,000 characters, including X-O Manowar, Bloodshot, Harbinger, Shadowman, Archer & Armstrong, and many more, Valiant is one of the most successful publishers in the history of the comic book medium. Today, the company’s characters continue to be forged in publishing, licensing, film, video games, and beyond. Valiant consistently produces some of the most critically acclaimed comics in the industry and has received numerous industry awards and accolades, including a Diamond Gem Award for Comic Book Publisher of the Year. In 2015, Valiant announced a multi-picture deal to bring Bloodshot and Harbinger to the big screen as feature films.


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Baltimore Comic-Con provides preview of 2017 Yearbook


EDITORS NOTE:  For comic art lovers on a budget, the BCC Yearbook is the way to get the most for your money.  Every year it includes some fabulous artwork from industry greats and newcomers, suitable for framing.  Like prior years, purchasers of the yearbook can also participate in a scavenger hunt - -  find the designated artists at their convention booths and get their yearbook page autographed. Collect enough autographs and show your signed yearbook to the Convention entrance table to collect some additional art prints at no extra charge.  Heres more details  . . . . . . . .

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND - May 29, 2017 - The Baltimore Comic-Con returns September 22-24, 2017 to the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. Tickets are now available.

Baltimore Comic-Con Tellos Yearbook
Continuing our tradition, the Baltimore Comic-Con Yearbook returns in 2017 for the sixth year, celebrating creators appearing at this year's show. This year's book of art features interpretations of characters from Tellos, sometimes in conjunction with the contributing guest's own creations, in a celebration of creator-owned properties.
Beautifully designed by returning guest and Love and Capes creator Thom Zahler, the book comes in a standard and, for VIP ticketholders, a limited VIP cover edition.
Artwork by Brandon Peterson
Artwork by Brandon Peterson
Tellos is a high-adventure comic book series that, over the course of its 10 issue run, transports you to magikal lands from the farthest reaches of your imagination and introduces you to a cast of colorful characters you won't soon forget. Created in 1999 by writer Todd Dezago and artist Mike Wieringo,  Tellos unspools the tale of a young boy, Jarek, who, along with his sword-wielding Tiger-companion, Koj, find themselves thrust into the roles of reluctant heroes. Soon teamed with a young pirate captain named Serra, the three embark on a fantastic and mysterious mission to discover where Jarek's strange new magikal abilities have come from. Oh, and part of that mystery...? Who is the dark and malevolent figure trying desperately to hunt them down and have those powers for his own. 

Tellos is a magikal patchwork world made up of a myriad of different realms, populated by creatures of myth and legend. A fantastic land filled with adventure around every corner...and danger at every turn.
Once again, our popular scavenger hunt returns in 2017! When you buy the book, you'll get a list of Yearbook contributors and their table numbers. If you succeed in your hunt, you can get your choice of bonus prints!
Artwork by Marty Baumann
Artwork by Marty Baumann
"I have been more than honored to be a guest at the Baltimore Comic Con since meeting the show's illustrious and gregarious organizer, Marc Nathan, some...fifteen years ago," quipped Tellos writer Todd Dezago. "One of my favorite people, one of my favorite conventions. So, here's a cool idea. About six years ago, Marc and his first lieutenant, Brad Tree, create the Baltimore Comic-Con Yearbook, an annual treat that is both a showcase of comicdom's top talents as well as an instant collector's item. 'Yo, Todd--what's that all about?', you say? Well, I'm glad you asked. Each year, the Yearbook spotlights a classic or independent comic book series and encourages some of the industry's top artists to create for us their vision and version of these familiar characters; The Archies Gang, the colorful cast from Frank Cho's Liberty Meadows, Stan Sakai's wonderful Usagi Yojimbo, David Peterson's fantastic Mouse Guard, and Matt Wagner's Grendel. The book then becomes a map of the show as well, as convention-goers are then directed around the convention hall floor to meet and collect the autographs of the various artists. A fun time is had by all!"
Artwork by Stan Sakai_
Artwork by Stan Sakai
"Tellos is such a unique property," said Marc Nathan, promoter of the Baltimore Comic-Con. "It's a fascinating story with gorgeous, unique, striking characters, and it was created by great friends of the show. I'm really excited to see what our guests will do with the Tellos characters, or how they'll draw them to interact with characters of their own. This should be another fantastic-looking Yearbook that our attendees will love."
Art created for the 2017 Baltimore Comic-Con Yearbook celebrating the characters of Tellos will be auctioned off at the Baltimore Comic-Con Art Auction on Saturday, September 23rd at 5pm. Fans and art collectors alike won't want to miss this opportunity to win these one-of-a-kind items, only available at the Baltimore Comic-Con!
The book will be sold, and the art auction will be held at 5pm on Saturday, September 23rd in our Main hall, in the Exclusives Booth in the lobby. The book will be available at the Baltimore Comic-Con for $29.99.
Visit for more information and to purchase your advanced tickets!

About The Baltimore Comic-Con

The Baltimore Comic-Con is celebrating its 18th year of bringing the comic book industry to the mid-Atlantic area.  

Superhero 2044 role-playing game returns after 40 years





From the official press release - May 30, 2017

Checker Book Publishing Group has announced that it has purchased the publishing rights to the classic super hero themed role playing game Superhero 2044 from Gamescience Publishing.

Superhero 2044 was the first commercially available superhero-themed role playing game at the dawn of the industry appearing in 1977 shortly after the explosive launch of early games like Dungeons and Dragons and Runequest. Innovative for the time period it featured such specific rules as classifications for differing types of super heroes, melee rules unique to super heroes, a ranged combat system,  point based character construction, and eventually a comprehensive defined list of super powers. 

Checker BPG is a graphic novel publisher that published nearly one hundred graphic novels from 2001 to 2013. Checker BPG launched titles with such high profile licenses as Star Trek, X-Files, Flash Gordon, and Clive Barker to name a few.  The publisher put the company on hiatus after the death of his fiancĂ©, father, uncle, and the cancer diagnosis of his sister in 2015. 

"Our goal is to upgrade the entire system and game to be the pinnacle of super hero gaming", said Publisher Mark Thompson." Superhero 2044 is one of the fondest memories of games from my childhood. Super heroes dominate every entertainment medium from toys, movies, television, comic books, and video games and we feel this genre is underserved currently within the industry".

Industry legend Lou Zocchi, who guided the birth of the game, will continue to serve as an advisor on the game. 

The company plans a Kickstarter program to launch the newly revamped role playing games as well as a Super Hero 2044 themed card game.

More information can be found here:

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Update: ALTERNA's newsprint model meets equal demand for next issues

EDITOR’S NOTE:  I’m following the progress of this new direction (newsprint editions) by Alterna closely, and hope they meet with success.  Here’s an update from the publisher, and news that the first round of titles have sold out.

This is the logo 
This is the divider 

Issue #2 July releases show staying power!

Early pre-order numbers for July releases indicate that second issues are on pace to match their first issue counterparts.  Priced at $1.50 each and printed on newsprint, ADAM WRECK, AMAZING AGE, CROAK, and LILITH DARK all debuted on May 3rd and sold out at Diamond before their release dates. Reports from retailers are showing that they have gone on to sell out at dozens of comic shops across the world as well.  


According to publisher Peter Simeti, print run sizes are remaining steady: "Usually there's a pretty big drop in order numbers for a second issue in a series so I'm really happy to see that the demand is there because it means that people are loving these comics.  I'm just thrilled for the creators here that work so hard to put these out."


Simeti goes on, "We're filling Diamond backorders as quickly as possible for May's issue #1 releases, but if retailers would like to order directly from us, we're more than able to fill re-orders that way as well.  We're always open towards supporting the shops that support us and if there's anything we can do, I hope they don't hesitate to ask."


More information on Alterna's July releases can be found below.


ADAM WRECK #2 of 3

(W/A) Michael S. Bracco

Great for fans of Star Wars, Lost in Space, Guardians of the Galaxy


The hunt is on as Adam scrambles to save his parents from Space Pirates, while Voric (ever the swash-buckling scoundrel) rushes to get the galaxy's greatest treasure: the Trillion Star! If you love epic space adventures, Adam Wreck is for you! Printed on newsprint with a glossy cover.


$1.50; 32pgs; FC

MAY171057; July 12th



(W) Matthew D. Smith

(A) Jeremy Massie, Christine Brunson

Great for fans of Stranger Things, Teen Titans, The New Mutants


Sam, Mike, and Violet wake up in a world where comic book heroes have come to life! But with heroes come villains, and The Maulers are as bad as they come. Amazing Age delivers larger than life action for readers of all ages. Printed on newsprint with a glossy cover.


$1.50; 32pgs; FC

MAY171058; July 19th


CROAK #2 of 3

(W) Cody Andrew Sousa

(A) Francesco Iaquinta, Chris O'Halloran

(L) Dezi Sienty

Great for fans of Friday the 13th, The Thing, Alien


As the creatures lurking within the trees grow in number, Aubrey, Nick and Tim will do what they must to survive; no matter how unspeakable. Croak is perfect for fans of survival horror and creature features. Printed on newsprint with a glossy cover.


$1.50; 32pgs; FC

MAY171059; July 5th



(W/A) Charles C. Dowd

Great for fans of Alice in Wonderland, Conan the Barbarian, The Wizard of Oz


During an imaginary adventure, Lilith follows a kitten into a mysterious tree and discovers a hidden world full of very real beasties! Lilith Dark has the perfect blend of magic, fun, and adventure for readers of all ages! Printed on newsprint with a glossy cover.


$1.50; 32pgs; FC

MAY171060; July 26th